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who am i?

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Well. Hi there! If you’re looking here, then I guess you’d like to know a little more about me? Um… How do I sum myself up succinctly and then concurrently tell you what you would like to know?

Well, it all began on a snowy night in Denver, CO when I was born…

Wait! What’s that, you say? That’s a little TOO far back? Okay… let me try again. ūüėČ

I’ve always been active in artistic endeavors… dance classes for over 20 years (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, musical theatre), theatre, art classes of all kinds, makeup artistry classes…After ditching Theatre as a major at UCLA (I was afraid of waiting tables all my life!), I ended up with my BA in Communications Advertising, emphasis in Creative Graphics from Cal State Fullerton (go Titans!). I’ve been a professional graphic artist since 1996 and now I add professional photographer to the dossier. I always had a camera in hand since I was a child, and my first film SLR came from my mom at age 13. It’s a Pentax. I used it for college photography classes, and I still have it and I will NEVER give it up.

What drives me to make a beautiful image? I am a social butterfly through and through. I absolutely¬†love getting to know you (whether you’re a new acquaintance or a familiar friend), and I love learning what drives you, I love the human condition, the complex emotions that weave together to create minute fluctuations in expression… and I love capturing portraiture in fun and fabulous settings that bring out the best in you and find out what makes you feel amazing! Simply put, I shoot completely and totally from the heart.

Oh… and during a photo session, I love trying to make you laugh. I once took a stand-up comedy class. No joke! So if my humor falls flat, I will resort to pratfalls and physical humor. I’m not kidding! So when I say that I hope you laugh when we meet, I hope that you’re laughing AT me, not just WITH me.

Want to get in touch with me? I’d love to hear from you! You can fill out my form on this blog (under the “contact” link¬†above), or¬†call me at¬†714.321.3171. Hope to hear from you soon!

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